how to check data leak or hacked.

    In this article, I’m going to share some websites that you really need to check out data leak of mail id now some have been life-changing for you and protect your data from being hacked and leaked in public.

    why you have to check the data leak of your mail id?

    Number one check if you’ve been hacked data breaches happen more often than we know your login to different websites can be stolen.

    Now, this usually involves your email id and your password.

    It happened to me some years ago with one of my logins I only found out from this website that I’m going to show you.

    This isn’t something that just affects a few people it’s happening and it’s already happened on a huge scale in February 2019 the email validation service suffered a data breach that affected more than 760 million accounts.

    Facebook also had a case wherein April 2021 a data set of over 500 million users was made freely available for download so yes you can be impacted too.

    Now here’s a website that lets you check this it’s called have I been pawned it lets us check whether our personal data has been compromised by a data breach.

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    step 1: go to website

    go to google  and type in the search bar “have I been pwned”

    It was created as a free resource by troy hunt who is a fellow Microsoft MVP and regional director.

    Enter your email address and the website will check against a collected list of all known data breaches with records tied to that email address hopefully you’re going to see that everything is fine.

    step 2: type your mail id in the search box.

    type your mail id in the search to check data breaches.

    after entering mail id press “pwned?” button.

    If not you’re going to be informed about the breaches that impacted you in this case it means that the security of your account was compromised on these sites and you should definitely change the passwords for these accounts.

    Also, make sure that you don’t use that same password on other platforms it also doesn’t hurt to scan your system for viruses and malware have IBM pawned

    Step 3: enable future alert notification

    also has a feature where you can sign up to be notified if your email address appears in the future data leaks are highly recommended.

    Vishvajit Patel is Technical Contain writer and Electrical Engineer. He is intrested in Technology related topics.

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