How to record your laptop or PC screen in GIF format.

    Now day video tutorials are common for all fields. we have to guide our clients as well as students about the problem and solution. In market there are many option for screen recording but its size are too large so common problem is sharing. If we record a screen in regular video format even a very small file size is too large to share.

    So share for sharing on all platforms the video size need small and with good quality. For this, a GIF format is perfect and gives a solution of both problem size and quality.

    But the problem is how to record the screen in a direct GIF from? Because our windows did not support GIF screen recording.

    What are the benefits of GIF video over regular format?

    1. The full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format. It is an image format that supports both static and animated images.
    2. So if we record in GIF format the size of the video is too small compared to another video format.
    3. We can easily share on all platforms.
    4. Better than the image to understand the process.

    So we need to install small third-party free software called ShareX.

    Steps to install ShareX.

    Step 1: go to from your browser.

    Step 2: Click on the download button.

    Step 3: A 7.93 MB ShareX setup file download in your pc

    Step 4: open setup file from download folder

    Step 5: double click on the setup file.

    Step 6: Read and accept terms and conditions select on accept box.

    Step 7: click on the Next button.

    Step 8: ask about some shortcut creation and startup programs uncheck all boxes.

    Step 9: click on the Next button.

    Step 10: Click on the install button

    Step 11: After installing the process complete click on the finish button.

    ShareX is now ready to use and launch.

    How to record screen using ShareX.

    After installing ShareX is now time to record the screen of your laptop or desktop.

    First, go to your start many and open the ShareX app .

    Step 1: After opening the ShareX check it and close

    Step 2: goto the taskbar on the right side near the time and right-click on ShareX.

    Step 3: after open the menu go to the capture button

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    Step 4: After opening the sub menu go to screen recording (GIF)

    Step 5: most important is to select the area of your screen which you want to record. As a  small area, you select the size of your file small.

    Step 6: After completion of your screen recording go to the taskbar where find the stop      button or you can use short cut SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN to stop hiddenly.

    Step 7: in the taskbar, you can see the capture process icon wait for the complete 100% process.

    Step 8: open the ShareX where you can find your screen recording GIF file.

    More other options in ShareX for screen recording.

    • Normal screen recording
    • Scrolling screen recording
    • Text recording OCR
    • Auto Capture

    How to optimize GIF files without losing quality.

    After screen recording in GIF format if your file size is still large then you have to optimize the GIF files to reduce file size without quality compromise.

    Many available options for file sharing all have file sharing size limits like whatsapp, Gmail, etc have size limitation. So sharing file you have split in small files or optimize the file.

    Optimization of GIF file online without software.

    For optimize file open your browser and go to

    Steps for optimize

    Step 1 : go to

    Step 2 : find GIF optimizer

    Step 3 : after opening site click upload your GIF file you want to convert.

    Step 4 : after completion of uploading you see the your file.

    Step 5 : click optimize option on top manu

    Step 6 : choose method for optimization from drop down and click on Lossy GIF.

    Step 7 : select compression level using scrolls 0 to 100.

    Step 8 : after process complete it’s reduce your file size .

    Step 9 : click on below save button to download to your PC.

    Now your file is optimized and its size is reduced. Size of your file is 60% reduced.

    FAQ of GIF.

    Q.1 What is full name of GIF?

    Ans. Full from of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format.

    Q.2 How to GIF work?

    Ans. GIF can be static image and animation. It’s combination of multiple images so it’s work like video but it has no sound.

    Q.3 Benifit of GIF over Video.

    Ans. Main Benefits of GIF is size. Size of GIF file compare to normal video is very less.

    Thank you for reading this article if you like this type of articles please comment below. If you want to articles on specific topic you can comment. I will share with you.

    Vishvajit Patel is Technical Contain writer and Electrical Engineer. He is intrested in Technology related topics.

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