What is Apple M1 pro and Apple M1 max new chip?

    Apple recently launch high end premium new Apple M1 chip. last year Apple comes with new ARM  based mobile chip (SoC) M1. Its performance will change all industry standard. Apple M1 pro and Apple M1 max are its next generation.

    What is Apple M1 chip? 

    Apple M1 chip is ARM ( Advanced RISC Machines) based chip with combination of high performance of “firestrom” and energy efficient “icestrom” core. It’s provide power optimization with high performance. Older chip are not provide this type of performance. It has CPU(Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

    M1 contain 8 core of GPU. Each core have 16 execution units. Each execution unit have 8 ALU ( Arithmetic Logic Units).

    Apple M1 contain 128 execution units and 1024 ALUs. M1 equipped gadgets use 7 Watts at idle and 39 Watts at max load conditions. Energy efficient then ever before that. M1 best CPU as performance per watt.

    Till three versions available in market first ever Apple M1 launched in 2020. Recently Apple M1 pro and M1 max launched.

    M1 pro and M1 max double performance while using only 70% of power compare to ordinary laptop chip.

    Advantages of M1 chip 

    • Low power consumption and high performance means performance with efficiency.
    • Absence of Thermal Throttle. Reduce requirements of cooling system.
    • High graphic performance support all extension as well as faster in performance.
    • Used for advanced processing of AI and Machine learning.
    Parameters Apple M1 Apple M1 Pro Apple M1 Max
    CPU Core 8 Core (4 High Performance + 4 Low Performance) 10 Core (8 High Performance + 2 Low Performance)  10 Core (8 High Performance + 2 Low Performance) 
    GPU Core 8 Core 16 Core 32 Core  
    RAM 8 GB and 16 GB  32 GB unified  64 GB unified
    Speed 100 GB/s memory bandwidth 200 GB/s memory bandwidth 400 GB/s memory bandwidth

    Available products with M1 chip. 

    Last year in 2020 M1 launched with MacBook, iMac and iPad. While new M1 pro and M1 max launched recently with MacBook 14- inch as well as 16- inch models.

    Vishvajit Patel is Technical Contain writer and Electrical Engineer. He is intrested in Technology related topics.

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