What is chatbot? How does it work and what is its use?

    Simple way of understanding “Chatbot” as per its name if we separate it into two words chatbot = chat + robot. As per above two words it’s simply understanding meaning and it’s work.

               As usual we all know the meaning of “chat”. Chat is the process of exchanging messages or information. In simple terms, it’s a conversation between two people. Now the second word “robot” means it’s one type of machine or computer program that executes specific work. In simple words we also call it an automatic machine that works specific tasks with speed and accuracy. If you understand both word meanings now it’s simple to understand “Chatbot”. Chatbot is  A programme used to converse with humans or users over computer or mobile or internet on specific tasks. In simple words it’s to help and reply to all users or humans in specific task information and also collect information automatically. In the above information we get answers of what a chatbot is. Next question is 

    How does chatbot work?

    So most of us have at this point in our lives  have probably used a chatbot, maybe without    even knowing it. 

    Have you ever wondered  how a chatbot works?  What powers it?  How do I interact  with it?

    Let’s understand how chatbots work with simple examples.

    Let’s say you’re the owner of a  flower shop, this is you. And you’re the only  employee, maybe you don’t have time to respond    to common customer inquiries, 

    such as what time  do you open?, 

    do you have yellow roses in stock?,    

    how do I contact you?. 

    So you’ve got your customer  up here and they need to get in touch with you,    but you’re busy and you can’t answer the phone.

     So  what can we do to solve this problem? This is    where Flora, the floral chatbot, comes in. This is  Flora over here. Now if a customer has a simple  question, 

    Let’s say they just want to know, um,  what time do you guys open. They can ask Flora    “hey what time do you all open?”, and  then Flora is going to be able to respond    with the appropriate answer. She’s going to say,  you know, maybe “we open Monday at 9 AM.” All    without me having to interact with the chatbot, or  the customer, so that I’m free to do what I love  to do which is designing floral arrangements. 

    we will explain it  in a non-techy way  let’s get started  of course there are several different  ways to operate chatbots.  the world is buzzing about artificial  intelligence  ai and machine learning ml  chatbots. 


     Type of chatbot based on technology.

    1. Rule based chatbot

    2. AI/ML based chatbot

    however the truth is that most  chatbots are rule-based and they do  their job just fine  or even better than the fancy high-tech  bots in all honesty who hasn’t run  into an ai chatbot that gets stuck when  it doesn’t understand what you’re trying  to ask of it  no matter what kind of chatbot you go  for building a solid conversation flow  is the key like always all chat bots  have their pros and cons.

    Which technology is used in chatbot?

    Rule based chatbot

    So let’s get started by getting to know  different kinds of technologies.  what are their differences user  experience wise and  in setting them up and optimizing  rule-based and handcrafted  conversational chatbots.

      In essence this means that the  conversation paths are defined  and built into the chatbot. The  underlying tech may be  simpler with no machine learning or  artificial intelligence involved  but this approach emphasizes the need to  understand your target  audience. In fact understanding the needs  and behaviors of your users and  customers  is essential.

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     Whatever bot technology you  employ, users of handcrafted conversational bots  are limited by a defined set of  alternatives.

    How does a rule based chatbot work?

    the big difference is they won’t hit a  wall on the way  to conversion because the dialogue is  based on a decision tree that  always works with handcrafted bots  if you know your target audience a few  chosen options  are all you will ever need often a set  of defined options can actually be  preferred because  typing especially in mobile can be  cumbersome  the conversation always flows towards a  goal defined by  you rule-based spots are quick to set up  it takes just a few hours to get started  and you don’t need developers to help  you.

    Benefit of rule based chatbots.

     get up and running  it’s always it’s also easy to adjust the  handcrafted conversation  compared to an algorithm no need to  rethink  or re-teach an algorithm easy  customizability means that you will  actually make the adjustments when  there’s  a need for it in the best case scenario  your provider will even suggest  improvements and take care of them for  you.

    AI/ML chatbot.

    How AI/ML chatbot works.

    Essentially AI or ML chatbots provide  chatbot conversations by using  sets of data as the available data  expands; they should become  better as they gather and learn from the  information.  

    Use of AI/ML chatbot.

     Most AI and ML chatbots are  designed to handle a single task.  this is due to the required processing  power storage and use of data  and the like being quite expensive and  not yet very sophisticated.  if the user is set to complete a really  niche task  the chatbot user experience is  remarkably good.

    Why AI/ML Chatbot complex? 

    however if the issue concerns a more  complex task  then the chatbot runs into trouble. for  example, users in the process of purchase seeking  to confirm a delivery related detail  might find the chatbot to fail if it’s  designed for customer service  rather than sales. The setting up of an  ai  or ml chatbot takes months or even years.

     It requires a vast amount of data and  tech savvy people in addition to  customer support, marketing and or salespeople to train  the chatbots.

    the project team needs to invest a lot  of time into the project  even though you might think that ai and  ml chatbots would optimize themselves  that seldom. The case is that chatbots require  constant effort from the project team to  improve  as a summary choosing the right kind of  chatbot technology.

    Which chatbot is good for you?

    always depends on your unique  circumstances  maybe the only clear way to make some  kind of difference in the beginning  is by assessing the budget on your  disposal  if you are limited in budget and that  budget  isn’t too high then you should probably  start with a rule-based chatbot  that was all we’ve hand-picked few  articles for you as well as  other insightful video content which you  can check from  the links below in the description field  bye bye  

    Benifits of chatbots.

    1. Facilitate Seamless Live Communication
    2. Make Customer Service Available 24/7
    3. Save Time and Money
    4. Reduce People-to-People Interactions with Customers
    5. Eliminate Tedious Time-Consuming Tasks
    6. Offer a Smoother Customer Journey
    7. Reduce Stress for Consumers
    8. Eliminate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
    9. Humanize Your Brand
    10. Make Marketing More Targeted
    11. Help Grow Your Business
    12. Get Constant Improvement Over Time With Machine Learning
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